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Are Germany's Drivers Revved Up for Connected Cars?

In-car internet connection, mobile management of interest

April 9, 2015

In January 2015, 451 Research estimated that the number of connected cars in Germany would reach 3.8 million this year—up 1.1 million from 2014. The source forecast that between 2015 and 2018, the total would nearly double, hitting 7.3 million that year.

Connected Cars in Germany, 2013-2018 (millions)

Tomorrow Focus Media polling conducted in January 2015 found that drivers in Germany were indeed excited about several connected car features, though that didn’t mean usage was high. For example, fewer than 7% of internet users owned a vehicle with an in-car WLAN hotspot connection. However, among the 93.1% who didn’t, more than four in 10 were interested in acquiring one. And while this left 57.7% of respondents wanting to remain in the non-user category, it’s likely that attitudes among the group will slowly shift as connected cars become the norm.

Respondents were also interested in using mobile in-car management. While just 13.2% already did, 53.4% were aware of the option, and 75.4% expressed a desire to. But price could slow adoption. Though about two-thirds said the option was an added value, fewer than three in 10 were willing to pay.

Ownership and Interest in In-Car WLAN Hotspot Connections According to Internet Users in Germany, Jan 2015 (% of respondents)

In-car text messages were of interest to 47.7% of internet users in Germany, with 6.6% already using them. And while only 4.1% had heard of mobile apps that provided information about a vehicle, such as tire pressure or oil level, 65.1% found these interesting. Three in five said they were an added value, while just over three in 10 were willing to pay.

Mobile already played a big part in one aspect of the driving process in Germany: navigation. Nearly half (48.6%) of internet users in the country preferred to use their mobile navigation system, and 23.8% favored a smartphone or tablet.

In-car home integration—connecting a vehicle to one’s house, office and so forth to a home alarm or heating system, for example—had a decent way to go in Germany, with just 4.6% of internet users aware of such options. However, once again, interest was high, at just under half. More than four in 10 viewed this as an added value, with willingness to pay falling to 24.7%.

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