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Germany Is Europe's Biggest Android Market

Germany’s smartphone owners have long favored Android over Apple

May 13, 2013

Traditionally, many of Germany’s smartphone owners have resisted the appeal of the iPhone, opting for Android phones instead. Nearly three-quarters of smartphone sales in the country in March 2013 went to Android, according to data from Kantar Worldpanel ComTech. That’s a greater market share than in the UK, France or Italy.

The arrival of the iPhone 5 boosted Apple’s market share slightly in late 2012, Kantar noted, but that advance didn’t compensate for earlier losses, and iOS continued to cede share in Q1 2013. In fact, that share slipped below 17% of smartphone sales in Germany this March.

Smartphone OS Market Share in Germany, March 2012 & March 2013 (% of sales)

Apple phones are responsible for a greater share of German web traffic than the user numbers would suggest, however. Adobe reported that iOS phones garnered nearly 45% of smartphone internet traffic in February 2013, compared with around 49% for Android. The imbalance was more pronounced in the UK and France, where Apple phones accounted for more than half of smartphone traffic during the month.

Smartphone Internet Traffic in Select Countries, by OS, Feb 2013 (% of visits)

With tablets, the situation is very different. Thanks to a highly successful launch strategy and the absence of competitors at that stage, the first iPad—launched in Germany in May 2010—established market leadership from the outset. Android tablets have been slow to gain any appreciable share, and Apple accounted for more than 81% of tablet web traffic in February 2013, according to Adobe.

Given the preference for Android among Germany’s smartphone owners, it’s likely that Android will make greater gains than Apple as the number of tablets and tablet users increases in the country, and as Android tablets become more widely available. eMarketer estimates that the tablet population in Germany will rise more than 38% this year, to 13.4 million users, or 23% of all internet users.

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