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The Future of Content Without Walls

Consuming media anywhere and anytime

January 7, 2010

The portability of content from device to device represents the future of media consumption. But the device market is constantly shifting, due to changing consumer preferences and an evolving electronics landscape. Device manufacturers, marketers and publishers alike are challenged to make content available where, when and how their end users want to consume it—and that is anywhere, anytime and on any device.

“Even as the landscape evolves, the market for portable electronics is growing unabated,” said Noah Elkin, eMarketer senior analyst and author of the new report, “Always-On Devices and Networks: New Opportunities to Reach Consumers.”

Morgan Stanley expects high-speed wireless Internet-enabled device shipments to more than double worldwide between 2009 and 2013. Other researchers agree that the device market will continue its upward trajectory.

High-Speed Wireless Internet-Enabled Device Shipments Worldwide, 2008-2013 (millions)

“From their in-home television and entertainment networks, consumers have grown accustomed to an on-demand culture,” said Mr. Elkin. “The combination of always-on devices and networks is helping extend that culture outside the home. For the transition to be successful, devices must provide a good user experience, and content delivery needs to be immediate and seamless.”

Netbooks in particular have struck a chord with buyers, especially attractive in a year of financial belt-tightening. DisplaySearch data shows netbooks were the only portable PC segment to see year-over-year revenue growth worldwide, rising a strong 264% from Q2 2008 to Q2 2009.

Notebook PC Shipment Revenues Worldwide, by Type, Q2 2008 & Q2 2009 (millions and % change)

But e-readers, smartphones, media players, gaming devices and “tablet” PCs (including the ever-elusive Apple tablet device) are also a major part of the fast-changing world of content without walls.

“Multiple devices, numerous access modes and shifting consumer preferences mean marketers and content owners cannot afford to put all their eggs in one basket,” cautioned Mr. Elkin. “Until formats and device platforms get more established, multimode, multidevice support remains a must.”

The full report, “Always-On Devices and Networks: New Opportunities to Reach Consumers” also answers these key questions:

  • What new portable Internet access device platforms are emerging and what is the outlook for each?
  • What types of content, media and marketing messages are best suited for delivery on these devices?
  • In what ways are these devices changing where, when and how consumers access content?
  • How can marketers tap into networks and mobile devices such as e-readers and netbooks to deliver content and drive sales?

To purchase the report, click here. Total Access subscribers, log in and view the report now.

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