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France's Tablet Internet Audience Grows Quickly

Mobile users are far more likely to be young, slightly more likely to be men

September 29, 2016 | Media

There are over 45 million internet users in France ages 15 and up, according to a March 2016 report by Médiamétrie//NetRatings. That's a total of 88% of the population, and a 4% change vs. March 2015.

Internet Users and Penetration in France, by Device, March 2016 (millions, % of population and % change vs. same period of prior year)

The biggest change in internet users vs. March 2015 came among tablet users, up nearly 37% from the same period last year. With a total of about 23 million internet users, the device still ranked significantly behind desktop and laptop users as well as mobile phone users, and was the only one of the three access methods to be used by less than half of the population—but it’s still a remarkable shift in growth.

Meanwhile, desktop and laptop users lead the way: There are nearly 43 million of them, a total of 82.3% of the population. While growth vs. March 2015 is slower than for the other two devices, that’s also because there’s not that much room for growth left.

While nearly 70% of the population are mobile internet users, a March 2016 report by Institut National de la Statistique et des Etudes Economiques (INSEE) breaks down the demographic shifts in mobile internet usage in France over the past seven years.

Mobile vs. Total Internet User Penetration in France, by Demographic, 2009-2015 (% of population in each group)

Only beginning in 2014 did more than 50% of the population in France use mobile devices to access the internet. Slightly more men use the mobile internet than women, and the younger are far more likely to do so. While that trend holds true for total internet users generally as well, the effect is far more moderate: Even 61% of the population ages 60 to 74 accesses the internet in France, while only 30% of that age group does the same via mobile.

eMarketer’s figures largely back up the general trends of INSEE’s report, if not the exact figures. Men are about 4 points more likely than women to be internet users, while those younger than 55 are more likely to be internet users.

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