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Female Instagram Users in Japan Are Active, Engaged

About a third also say that while they do write posts, they mainly just browse

June 2, 2016

The majority of female Instagram users in Japan say they do an equal amount of posting and browsing when on the social network, according to December 2015 research by CyberBuzz. Another 29% say that while they do write posts, they mainly browse other people’s photos.

With just 6% of users saying they only browse and never post themselves, it’s clear that actual engagement with the social network is high in Japan. And users aren’t simply looking at the posts of friends and family, either—88% say they have conducted further research or even made a purchase after seeing a product-related posting.

But how they conduct research or make purchases still depends on who made the initial post. For instance, 39% said that when a celebrity made a product-related post, they didn’t ultimately make a purchase at a physical store, but they did conduct additional research. But this number was merely 27% when a friend or a colleague made the product post.

But celebrities aren’t instant tickets to selling goods: 31% said that when a friend or colleague made the post in question, they purchased that product at a physical store and posted about it on Instagram, a figure that hits just 22% when a celebrity has posted about the product.

September 2015 data from Bwrite reveals that 40.5% of female internet users in Japan use Instagram; those ages 20 to 29 are more likely to do so, at 47.4%, while those ages 30 to 39 use Instagram 36.9% of the time.

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