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Facebook Sees Big Gains in Global Mobile Ad Market Share

Google to take home half of $16.65 billion worldwide mobile ad market

August 28, 2013

Facebook’s continued emphasis on mobile monetization, along with its users’ ongoing shift toward mobile devices, is resulting in dramatic gains in mobile ad market share, according to eMarketer’s latest estimates of worldwide ad spending and revenues at significant players in the mobile and digital ad markets.

The company is expected to see its share of global mobile internet ad revenues reach 15.8% this year, up from just 5.35% in 2012, which was the first year that Facebook had any mobile ad offerings. eMarketer previously estimated Facebook’s share of mobile ad revenues worldwide would reach 12.9% this year.

Net Mobile Internet Ad Revenue Share Worldwide, by Company, 2011-2013 (% of total)

eMarketer estimates that Google will grab 53.17% of the worldwide mobile ad market this year, up slightly over 2012—primarily a result of continued growth in mobile search usage and further mobile monetization of YouTube. The overall mobile ad market worldwide is expected to grow 89% to $16.65 billion in 2013, eMarketer estimates.

Both Facebook and Google are now the top ad publishers not only for mobile, but for all digital as well—with an even stronger lead on the competition.

Across all devices, Google remains by far the No. 1 digital ad publisher in the world and will take in nearly 33% of all digital ad dollars worldwide this year, eMarketer estimates, up from 31.46% in 2012. Facebook will also increase its share of the total, to 5.41%, while Yahoo! will lose some ground. Microsoft’s share of the worldwide market will hold steady.

Net Digital Ad Revenue Share Worldwide, by Company, 2011-2013 (% of total digital ad revenues)

These digital ad market share figures are only slightly adjusted compared to eMarketer’s previous forecast, released in June 2013, which projected a 33.24% share of the worldwide digital ad market for Google, and a 5.04% share for Facebook. The most significant change has been an increase in expected revenues at Microsoft. In June, eMarketer forecast just over $2.08 billion in worldwide ad revenues for Microsoft, but information provided by the company has led us to revise that estimate to an expected $2.92 billion.

eMarketer has increased its forecast for worldwide ad revenues at Facebook significantly since June. Stellar performance in Q2 led to the upward revision, from $5.89 billion initially expected in ad revenues for 2013, up to $6.36 billion now projected for this year.

Net Digital Ad Revenues Worldwide, by Company, 2011-2013 (billions)

Amazon is expected to see its global ad revenues grow 37.7% to $840 million this year, eMarketer estimates.

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