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Facebook Dominates the Social Media Market in Mexico

YouTube also enjoys popularity and frequent visits

April 14, 2016

More social media users in Mexico use Facebook than any other social media site, according to a March 2016 report by Interactive Advertising Bureau México (IAB México) and Millward Brown. Nearly all (97%) of those surveyed say they use the site—by far the highest response of given.

Top 10 Social Media Sites Among Social Media Users in Mexico, Dec 2015 (% of respondents)

eMarketer estimates that there were 45.5 million Facebook users in Mexico in 2015 and projects that number to rise to 51.8 million in 2016. That amounts to just under 95% of the social network user audience in the country, according to eMarketer.

YouTube is also popular in Mexico, with 70% of those surveyed by IAB México and Millward Brown affirming that they use the social video site. Surprisingly, nearly 60% say they use Google+, a social media site often perceived to be unpopular in the US.

But when it comes to frequency of usage, Google+ doesn't enjoy the same popularity. Only 17% of those surveyed list Google+ as a site they frequent most. And while fewer social media users visit Instagram—44%—those who do visit more frequently than Google+. It may be the case that while over half of users made a Google+ account, the majority don’t bother to keep up with it.

Top 5 Most Frequently Used Social Media Sites Among Social Media Users in Mexico, Dec 2015 (% of respondents)

Facebook, meanwhile, retains its heavy usage by social media users in Mexico; over 90% of respondents say they use the site the most—double the responses for its next-closest competitor, YouTube. It’s clear that nearly all social media users in Mexico not only use Facebook, but do so very often. In Mexico, as is the case in many countries, Facebook is totally dominant in the world of social media.

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