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Emojis Help Consumers Communicate

Can you feel me now?

October 14, 2015

Most US internet users have adopted emojis, at least enough to use them once in a while. According to August research, they help consumers communicate more easily and effectively—a potentially powerful insight for brands.

Reasons for Using Emojis According to US Internet Users, Aug 2015 (% of respondents)

It’s no secret that text-based communications—so prevalent in the digital era—can lack the emotional cues to let people know if you’re joking or serious, sarcastic or friendly, worried or laughing. And just as emoticons and abbreviations like “lol” were invented to help bridge the gap of understanding, so too have emojis been widely adopted for the same purpose.

Emogi found that around nine in 10 US internet users sometimes use emojis.

Among that group, more than seven in 10 said they used them because they helped users to accurately express what they were thinking. Nearly 65% said emojis also made it easier for people to understand them.

If emojis help internet users make themselves understood, can they do the same for brands? Many social media managers seem to think so, and have begun incorporating emojis into tweets, Facebook posts and more.

Earlier this year, Instagram made it easier for users and brands to incorporate emojis into posts, by allowing their use within hashtags.


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