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Email Users in Indonesia Check Inboxes Hoping for a Retail Promo

They find email ads very persuasive

February 1, 2017 | Marketing

Email has long served as a reliable beast of burden for marketers in the US—a bankable but unexciting way for brands to tap into a dedicated audience that has opted-in to communication. The same holds true in Indonesia, but on steroids.

Reasons for Using Email According to Email Users in Indonesia, Jan 2017 (% of respondents)

A survey of email users in the country conducted by research firm JakPat in January 2017 found that a significant portion were interested in receiving marketing communications. Interestingly, 30.6% of respondents named receiving shopping promotions as one of the main reasons they used email.

Marketers looking to craft messages for email users in Indonesia should be aware that the vast majority of respondents, more than 80%, primarily used mobile phones to check their email, according to the survey. That means that to effectively reach consumers in Indonesia, mobile-optimized email design is a must.

Types of Digital Ads that Influence Purchase Decisions According to Mobile Device Owners in Select Countries in Asia-Pacific, March 2016 (% of respondents)

Mobile phone email users also overwhelmingly relied on a dedicated email app over a web browser. Fully 86% of respondents used an app, compared with just 14% who checked email on a browser.

A March 2016 survey of mobile device owners in Indonesia from Experian Marketing Services underscores how effective email ads can be. It found that 57% of respondents had been influenced to make a purchase by an email ad—more than had been swayed by either website banner ads or search ads.

Rahul Chadha

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