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Email Timing Crucial for Success

Well-timed emails can affect a variety of brand goals

October 22, 2012

As email marketing strategies grow in sophistication, with marketers looking to target specific members or portions of their lists based on recent actions or personalized offers, timing is proving itself key to stepping above the inbox clutter and boosting several brand goals.

US marketers told StrongMail in September that being able to ensure emails arrived during a specific time window increased engagement and their overall ability to run certain kinds of promotions that depended on timing. One-third said it also led to increased revenues, and just 9.2% claimed no benefits from being able to control email timing.

Benefits of Having Their Promotional Emails Arrive During a Set Delivery Window According to US Marketing Professionals, Sep 2012 (% of respondents)

Transactional and other triggered emails are some that require specific timing. If customers are targeted for promotions a certain length of time after abandoning a cart, or retailers send follow-up emails with shipping and transactional information after a customer checks out, the timing must be right for the emails to make sense. Marketers told StrongMail they had a variety of goals for when triggered messages should arrive, but nearly half expected delivery within a minute of a particular customer action.

Current Timing Goal for Having Transactional or Triggered Email Messages Arrive After Being Generated by a Customer Action According to US Marketing Professionals, Sep 2012 (% of respondents)

If minutes are important, hours are critical. Marketers said response rates began to drop off fairly rapidly after email deployments, with one-quarter reporting a “substantial” decrease in conversions after six hours or less, including 6.5% who saw a major difference after just two hours.

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