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Email Open Rate on Mobile Impresses in the UK

UK emailers open on mobile

January 6, 2015

eMarketer spoke recently about mobile’s role in helping maintain the relevance of email marketing in the UK. December 2014 research from email intelligence firm Return Path provided further evidence of the disruptive nature mobile is having on consumer emailing habits.

Email Marketing Open Share in Select Countries, by Channel, Oct 1, 2013-Dec 1, 2014 (% of total opens from emails sent by Return Path clients)

It found that the percentage share of email opens in the country across mobile, desktop and webmail platforms was heavily weighted in favor of mobile, with 62% of Return Path UK client emails opened that way. This was well ahead of any other country tracked; the US was some way behind, with a 48% share of opens coming via mobile.

Broader industry metrics may vary, of course, but the consensus view—backed by other data points cited in the eMarketer article referenced earlier—is that mobile should now be considered a central part of any email marketing strategy.

But with this consideration comes many potential pitfalls. On the marketer side of the equation, rendering emails mobile-ready and all the related issues that come with that will, of course, signal greater costs. Meanwhile, on the consumer side of things, you’ll need to be wary of intruding on a day full of consumption—much of it on mobile. Spamming consumers on their mobile devices with unoptimized emails could have a damaging effect.

While the email marketing trend is clearly headed to the mobile realm, the catchword is “caution.” Porting your regular email marketing strategy wholesale to mobile might not be the best move.

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