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Don't Forget About B2B Tech Buyers Post-Purchase

B2B tech decision-makers most likely to consume thought leadership content after purchases

February 2, 2015

Business-to-business (B2B) technology sellers need to keep up the work after closing a deal. According to an October 2014 study by Eccolo Media, 80% of US B2B tech decision-makers said it was important or very important to receive ongoing content after making a purchase.

An additional 18% of respondents noted that it was at least somewhat important to receive ongoing content post-purchase, leaving just 2% who didn’t think it was important at all.

B2B tech buyers want a blend of content, too—not just follow-ups. Fully 36% said they were most likely to consume thought leadership content after a purchase. They want to make sure they’ve made the right choice in buying technology from a top company that shares expertise from industry leaders. Trust likely plays a big role in this preference, too, as August 2014 polling by Kapost found that independent thought leadership or blogs were the most-trusted content sources among B2B marketers.

Among Eccolo respondents, 30% desired technical support and updates. Results from September 2014 research by Cargo highlight just how important this can be, with bad customer service the No. 1 reason that US small-business owners had changed brands/companies with which they did business.

Eccolo found that B2B tech buyers also wanted specific, ongoing details about the product they had bought: 25% were most likely to consume new product information. Meanwhile, customer stories were of little interest, cited by just 9%.

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