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Dollar Shave Club's Omnichannel Strategy Aims to Boost Sales and Sentiment

February 25, 2015

Adam Weber
Senior Vice President, Marketing
Dollar Shave Club

Dollar Shave Club is a subscription service that delivers razors and other men’s personal grooming products by mail. Adam Weber, the company’s senior vice president of marketing, spoke with eMarketer’s Elyssa Goldberg about the methods Dollar Shave Club is using to market its wares and foster a relationship with customers that’s about more than just transactions.

eMarketer: Who is the Dollar Shave Club man?

Adam Weber: He’s an everyday guy. Whether you’re an investment banker that is at the high end of the influence scale or a guy working a blue-collar job, you have to shave.

eMarketer: How often do men shave?

Weber: We see a pretty high shave frequency among our members—definitely more than three times a week. Beards are certainly a trend, but the reality is that most men keep a clean shave.

“We don’t believe in the silver bullet philosophy—that one channel will solve all of our problems.”

eMarketer: How do you reach your customers?

Weber: Our marketing plan has always been based on word-of-mouth. When we launched our first video, “Our Blades Are F***ing Great,” on YouTube, there was no paid advertising behind it. That kicked everything off and ignited a sharing movement.

eMarketer: Now you’re airing a TV commercial. Where are you running your new TV spot?

Weber: We don’t believe in the silver bullet philosophy—that one channel will solve all of our problems. That’s not in line with how consumers consume media. Consumers don’t just watch television or only go on Facebook.

Our omnichannel marketing plan consists of everything from TV to radio. We’re very active in social, and we use content to help build awareness. We market across different channels and try to tell our story in as many places as possible.

The current media plan has a lot of live sports. We’ve been airing during NFL games. We’re also looking at channels like Spike TV, Comedy Central and Cartoon Network that have big male audiences.

eMarketer: How do you make sure customers remain loyal?

Weber: One of our most important marketing vehicles is our actual box. A lot of ecommerce companies look at the box, and they see it as a mechanism for a transaction. They’re shipping the goods in the box, and that’s where it ends. We look at it differently.

It’s the pinnacle of our member experience on a month-to-month basis. We have a monthly magazine called The Bathroom Minutes with editorial content mixed with information about what’s going on in the club. It helps transcend a transaction relationship and makes our members feel like they’re part of a bigger community—part of something more than just buying razors.

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