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Do Small-Business Websites Drive Client Engagement?

Over one-third of SBOs engage with new or existing clients at least daily

February 25, 2015

Small businesses need to stay on top of digital if they want to keep clients—and themselves—happy. According to November 2014 polling by vCita, just 30.8% of small-business owners (SBOs) in North America were satisfied with the volume of new clients they got online. In comparison, 45.9% said this needed improvement, and 16.4% weren’t satisfied at all.

Level of Satisfaction with the Volume of New Clients Generated via Online Channels* According to Small-Business Owners in North America , Nov 2014 (% of respondents)

Despite the plurality of unhappy respondents, most were getting clients online—just 6.9% said they got almost none there—and further results highlighted the importance of websites in particular. While half of new clients typically contacted SBOs via websites—lower than the 72.3% who cited email and 64.2% who cited the phone—site engagement was frequent.

One-third of SBOs said new or existing clients engaged with them through their websites at least daily, while a similar percentage said they did so biweekly or weekly. Just 17.9% of respondents never engaged with new or existing clients through their sites.

Frequency with Which Clients Engage with Them via Their Website According to Small-Business Owners in North America, Nov 2014 (% of respondents)

Small businesses want to get their name out there, and December 2014 polling by Rocket Lawyer found that increasing marketing and brand presence was the top business priority for 2015 among US small-business owners, cited by 35.0%. Going digital to reach today’s always-online consumers is one surefire method to help achieve this goal.

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