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Do Shoppers Want Retail App Push Notifications?

Retail industry apps land toward bottom for push notification opt ins, interaction

March 30, 2015

Retail apps have plenty of helpful features, and based on data released in February 2015 by Accengage, push notifications aren’t included in that list.

iOS Mobile App Push Notification Opt-In Rates Worldwide, by Industry, 2014

According to the research, retail industry apps had the second-lowest push notification opt-in rate among iOS users worldwide, at 37%. This trailed the total share of iOS app users who opted in to receive push notifications across all types of apps by 9 percentage points.

Push notifications are on by default in Android apps, so interaction was slightly higher on devices powered by Google’s operating system than on iOS across all app categories. However, interaction rates for Android retail push notifications were still the third-lowest worldwide, at 10%, ahead of only media (7%) and gaming (5%). iOS retail app users’ interaction with push notifications was even worse, with a rate of just 2% putting the category in a tie with gaming for last place.

Can anything help? Accengage noted that personalization, segmentation and targeting were necessary in order to boost push notification interaction, and retailers that can gather and integrate consumer data to serve relevant offers at the right time stand a chance at improving app usage. Many are taking small steps to get there. October 2014 research by WBR Digital and eTail found that customer segmentation and personalization was the top mobile strategy priority for 23% of US retailers—the second-highest response.

Still, recent research by Boston Retail Partners found that retailers had a long way to go in mcommerce personalization. And despite the potential of beacon-triggered messages, location-based targeting isn’t widely adopted, with January 2015 research by Econsultancy in association with Adobe finding that just 8% of client-side marketers in the retail industry worldwide used geotargeting technology to deliver location-based notifications. Around one-quarter planned to use this in 2015, but that left 40% who were exploring but had no set date for implementation and 26% who hadn’t even started exploring.

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