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Display Dominates Digital in Turkey

Traditional display placements command nearly half of digital ad spending

October 11, 2016 | Ad Spending

Marketers in Turkey spent more on display ads than any other format in H1 2016, including search advertising, classifieds and directories. Over half of the nearly TRY930 million (about $340 million) spent on digital ads went toward display ads.

Digital Ad Spending in Turkey, by Format, H1 2016 (millions of Turkish lira)

According to Interactive Advertising Bureau Turkey (IAB Turkey), advertisers spent about TRY550 million (about $200 million) in H1 on display placements. The vast majority of that was spent on impression- or click-based ads—almost TRY430 million (nearly $160 million). Video accounted for about one-fifth of display spending, and native took only around 6%.

The report also broke out spending in other ways, such as by transaction method regardless of format.

Mobile*, Programmatic** and Social Media** Ad Spending in Turkey, H1 2016 (millions of Turkish lira)

Programmatic transactions accounted for TRY164.0 million ($60 million) in ad spending during the period, for example—around 18% of total digital ad spending. Marketers spent TRY145.0 million ($53 million) on mobile placements—about 15.6% of digital spending.

These figures come after a year of rapid digital ad spending growth. An Interactive Advertising Bureau Europe (IAB Europe) reported marked Turkey’s digital ad spending growth as the seventh-highest in Europe in 2015, ahead of nations like Spain and Switzerland. Growth hit nearly 20% last year.

The question, however, is how deeply these ads are reaching consumers in Turkey. Only 34% of internet users in Turkey are digital buyers, which may explain why the bulk of spending is going toward awareness-oriented formats like display, rather than direct-response placements like search ads.

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