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Digital Video and Commercial TV Compete for Eyes in Norway

Commercial TV audience skews older

March 1, 2016

Both the commercial TV and streaming audiences in Norway are virtually evenly split between male and female TV viewers, a November 2015 survey from Google and TNS Gallup Norway reveals.

Demographic Profile of Digital Video Streaming Users vs. Commercial TV Viewers in Norway, Nov 2015 (% of total)

Just over half (51%) of the commercial TV audience in Norway is made up of females, while 49% of the streaming audience is female; the picture is flipped for males.

Age, however, reveals more of a disparity in the audiences for the two types of television. Two in five streaming viewers were ages 15 to 34, compared to 30% of those who watch commercial TV. The commercial TV audience skewed older; age groups over 50 were more represented among commercial TV viewers than streaming viewers.

YouTube is by far the most frequently used digital video service by internet users in Norway—53% of respondents affirmed that they use the service. Another 41% watch videos on Facebook; 28% use Netflix.

So who uses YouTube? More than half (54%) of YouTube users are female, and, not surprisingly, younger users make up the largest share of those on the service—49% of users are between the ages of 15 and 34, while another 26% are 35 to 49, meaning three-quarters of those using the service are under 50.

Ipsos Norway, meanwhile, reports that 77% of males ages 18 to 29 are YouTube users; 55% of women that same age use the service. The report finds that among internet users in all age ranges—and in total—men are more likely to use YouTube, with 43% of all male internet users using the service, as opposed to 26% of all female internet users.

If the demographic picture is a bit murky overall in Norway, it's nonetheless clear that Youtube users skew young.

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