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Digital Giants, Plus Pokémon Go, Top App Charts in UK

Newcomer ranks ninth shortly after UK release

September 12, 2016 | Media | Mobile

Facebook’s mobile app had the most users in the UK during July 2016, according to comScore Mobile Metrix. Nearly 30 million unique mobile visitors ages 18 and up used the app that month. But the success of Pokémon Go’s first month in the UK might steal the spotlight.

Top 10 UK Mobile App Properties, Ranked by Unique Visitors, July 2016 (millions)

There were other familiar faces on the report’s top 10 list: Google, BBC, Apple, Amazon, all the juggernauts are present. But there was one relative surprise: Pokémon Go ranked No. 9, with nearly 10 million unique visitors in July 2016.

With all the hype surrounding the mobile game, it makes sense that Pokémon Go saw a significant amount of unique visitors in July 2016, the first month of its availability in the region. Even those who didn’t end up playing the game regularly may have checked the app out. Even so, the fact that the game topped a stalwart like Microsoft is remarkable.

US Smartphone Users Who Have Downloaded Pokémon Go, by Age, July 2016 (% of respondents)

The US and UK often reflect similar consumer mindsets, and a July 2016 survey from MGH Inc. might offer a glimpse into Pokémon Go's UK future.

Nearly 50% of US smartphone users ages 18 to 29 in the survey said they had downloaded the game; another 17% said they hadn’t yet downloaded the game but were considering doing so.

After that, subsequent age groups are far less engaged; nearly 70% of those ages 30 to 44 said they hadn’t even considered downloading the game. And for all younger age groups, most people who were interested had already downloaded the game.

All of this may provide an insight: While it’s certainly exciting that Pokémon Go was the ninth-most-used app in July 2016 in the UK, it might have a limited future in terms of adding to that unique visitor base.

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