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Digital Dads Seek Professional Parenting Advice in the UK

Fathers in the UK take parenting advice from professionals not peers

January 28, 2016

Digital media has had a profound impact on consumer behaviors across all demographic groupings in the UK. New and expectant fathers haven’t been immune, and when it comes to being as well-informed as they possibly can be about parenting, many turn to digital sources for their information and support needs.

Digital Sources Used by UK Millennial Father Internet Users for Parenting Information/Support, Sep 2015 (% of respondents)

Among arguably the most digital of digital dads—those in the millennial category—sizable proportions use an array of online resources to inform their parenting endeavors. However, relatively few rely on their peers for parenting advice via these digital channels. According to September 2015 data from BabyCentre, only 16% of UK millennial father internet users turned to social media—be that parenting-focused networks or mainstream social media channels—for parenting information or support.

Much larger proportions turned instead to more impersonal resources, with expert advice on parenting websites the most popular digital source of info, cited by 27% of respondents. Perpetuating the wider male stereotype, it seems, young fathers in the country would rather try and figure it out for themselves than ask a fellow peer for help.

Digital Sources Used by US Millennial Father Internet Users for Parenting Information/Support, April 2015 (% of respondents)

This stereotype is much stronger in the UK than in the US, though. When the US arm of BabyCenter asked the same question of millennial dads in April 2015, while the experts remained the most popular digital resource, far more were willing to call on their peers for advice—24% turned to parenting social media sites, for example.

Also notable was the fact that more digital resources were utilized and by larger overall proportions in the US. Perhaps dads in the UK should drop the macho act and start asking for a little help from their friends, be that in the physical or digital world.

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