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Digital Buyers Purchase Frequently in Vietnam

Despite the frequency of purchases, most payment is still cash on demand

September 26, 2016

Most digital buyers in Vietnam make online purchases more than once per month, according to an August 2016 DI Marketing survey. Nearly one in five do so at least once each week.

Frequency with Which Digital Buyers in Vietnam Purchase Digitally, Aug 2016 (% of respondents)

About a third of digital buyers in Vietnam purchase online slightly less than weekly—the highest response rate of any frequency mentioned.

But nearly every digital buyer in Vietnam is buying online at least quarterly: Only 10% of those surveyed said they made a digital purchase less than once every three months.

Just because buyers are often purchasing digitally, however, doesn’t mean they’re paying that way.

Primary Payment Method Used for Digital Purchases by Digital Buyers in Vietnam, Aug 2016 (% of respondents)

Nearly 90% of buyers say their primary payment method for digital purchases was cash on delivery (COD), though it’s not entirely clear if that’s because of consumer preference or because sellers aren’t set up to take digital payments. Regardless, only 15% say their purchases were primarily completed via digital payment.

DI Marketing also reports that while three-quarters of those surveyed say they buy via a desktop or laptop, mobile isn’t far behind: 51% say they’ve made a purchase via a smartphone, while 21% have done the same on a tablet.

A May 2016 survey conducted by W&S Group highlights the stark differences among genders when purchasing digitally—about female digital buyers were about 20 percentage points more likely to say they bought clothing online, and about 10 points more likely to say they bought shoes and footwear digitally. It’s worth noting that women were more likely to report shopping in each category mentioned.

Other research indicates that online shopping is undergoing a period of dramatic growth in Vietnam, with eMarketer forecasting annual increase of about 20% in retail ecommerce sales this year and next.

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