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Digital Buyers in Denmark Hold Digital Purchase Frequency Steady

Apparel and jewelry are the most common recent purchases

February 22, 2016

About one in five digital buyers in Denmark said their most recent digital purchase was clothes, shoes or jewelry, according to a 2015 survey, while 14% each had last bought entertainment items (movies, music or books) or spent money on travel and cultural experiences.

Most Recent Product/Service Category Purchased Digitally by Digital Buyers in Denmark, 2015 (% of respondents)

These figures, from a report by Foreningen for Dansk Internethandel (FDIH), are not surprising: Clothing, shoes and jewelry, for example, are more casual purchases than, say, an automobile. And when it comes to recent digital purchases, digital buyers in Denmark overwhelmingly use debit or credit cards (81% of those surveyed in 2015).

Three-quarters (74%) of most-recent purchases by those surveyed were made by desktop or laptop, down from 2014’s 81%. Most recent digital purchases by tablet rose 18%, up 4 percentage points from the previous year—and while smartphone purchase rose just 2 points, to 7%, there is clearly a shift, if still slight, away from desktop and laptop purchasing, as digital buyers become more comfortable shopping on mobile.

Device Used by Digital Buyers in Denmark to Make Their Most Recent Digital Purchase, 2014 & 2015 (% of respondents)

Frequency of digital purchasing in Denmark has largely held steady since 2013, however. That year, 29% of digital buyers made three to four purchases; in 2015, 28% made the same number of purchases. The real differences, subtle as they might appear, are at the extreme ends of the spectrum—2013 saw 29% of digital buyers make just one digital purchase, while in 2015 25% did the same.

Conversely, in 2013 just 2% of those surveyed made 10 or more digital purchases; 6% did so in 2015. While that figure is still, of course, low, that’s a total of an 8-point swing from those who answered once to those who answered 10-plus. Though the ecommerce market in Denmark is fairly stable, small shifts certainly are perceptible.

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