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Dell Shares Best Practices in Native Advertising

January 23, 2015

Stephanie Losee
Managing Editor

Dell has run several native advertising campaigns on publisher sites, including The New York Times and Forbes, and has found that engagement with the content differs from site to site. Stephanie Losee, managing editor at Dell, spoke with eMarketer’s Rimma Kats about native advertising and what role video plays in the overall marketing mix.

eMarketer: How would you define native advertising? Would you differentiate it from sponsored content or content marketing?

Stephanie Losee: I define native advertising as a particular kind of sponsored or branded content that is published in line with the publisher’s editorial feed.

Native does not scale. Once you scale it, it’s not native anymore—it’s paid media.

eMarketer: You have advertised in The New York Times and Forbes. What goes into your decision to advertise in any given outlet?

Losee: Each of these publishers has its own approach to native, and I’m glad that they differentiate themselves.

“Over these past few months, The New York Times has created a content studio that creates content that has a very particular look and feel.”

There are two points of differentiation. One is organic, such as The New York Times audience. As a brand, the first decision you’re making is about the particular kind of content that you want to get out there, as well as which audience you are trying to reach.

Over these past few months, The New York Times has created a content studio that creates content that has a very particular look and feel. Our Global Technology Adoption Index ran in The New York Times, since one of their strengths has turned out to be animating data.

Forbes, on the other hand, is a sustained, always-on native play. If I wanted an always-on presence, then I would think about Forbes first because what you’re buying is the site license. You have this page, and on any day you could publish something new on there. What’s delightful about Forbes is that they made that big, scary move early on to let brands have a shot at their audiences, and that lets our content compete head-to-head with Forbes’ editorial content.

eMarketer: What’s your take on the role of video in the native advertising mix?

Losee: There is so much fun stuff happening in video, but we haven’t done much work in native video.

I want to see what we can do with video. We do storytelling in our ads, but we haven’t done it quite as much yet in our editorial content marketing. I love the things that we have done with video in our conventional ads, and I would really like to take it for a spin when it comes to content marketing.

eMarketer: What are some native video advertising best practices?

Losee: Don’t be promotional. Audiences are perfectly happy for you to mention yourself or tell a story that involves the brand, whether it’s funny, enlightening, silly or deep. It’s interesting how audiences are willing to be delighted by organic brand mentions in video.

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