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Data Feed for September 28, 2017

Key stats you need to know about today

September 28, 2017
Fraud Figure: Digital advertisers worldwide will lose an estimated $19 billion to fraudulent activities in 2018, equivalent to $51 million per day, and that loss will rise to $44 billion by 2022, according to an estimate by Juniper Research. A white paper from the company argues that so-called "walled garden" platforms are exacerbating the ad fraud problem by restricting the exchange of ad performance data between advertisers and publishers.

Seeking Affluents? Try targeting tablet users. According to a Q2 survey of recent tablet users worldwide ages 16 to 64 by GlobalWebIndex, the user base for those devices was nearly 44% more likely to be affluent—that is, in the top 25% for income. They're also slightly more likely to be ages 35 to 44 and to be parents, the study found.

When in Roam: June's abolition of mobile roaming charges for residents traveling within the EU has begun to influence those consumers' mobile usage, according to an end-of-summer survey conducted by Eurobarometer for the European Commission. The survey found that the share of EU travelers who used mobile data while roaming in the EU since the debut of new "roam like at home" rules on June 15 rose to 31%, up from 15% prior to that date. Additionally, the share of EU travelers who said they never used mobile data while in another EU country halved, to 21%.


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