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Data Feed for September 20, 2017

Key stats you need to know about today

September 20, 2017
Digital Downer: Although 81% of companies worldwide have invested in digital technologies, only a minority are reaping rewards, according to a survey from Simon-Kucher & Partners. In fact, the poll showed that just 23% of businesses worldwide have seen a bump in top-line growth resulting from efforts to digitize. However, the firm chalked those results up to a lack of an overarching digital strategy, as well as investment in the wrong areas of digital.

Modern Luxury: Luxury fashion buyers are proving to be social friendly. New data from GlobalWebIndex found that one in three consumers from the group followed a new brand on a social media platform monthly. However, luxury companies shouldn't take that as a cue to neglect their websites; the poll also found that 71% of luxury fashion buyers visited a brand's website on a monthly basis.

Face Off: Apple drew a lot of attention with its new facial recognition technology, set to launch on the iPhone X. But a significant number of consumers may be wary of pairing it with payments. Juniper Research found that 40% of iOS users in the US were hesitant to use Apple's Face ID to process mobile payments. Consumers polled by Juniper favored fingerprint sensors and voice recognition as better ways to confirm their identities for payments.

Crossed Up: Sure, advertisers would love to be able to track consumers across devices. But Tune reports that 86% of marketers don't know how to follow their target audience when they shift between devices. Add to that the complexity of tracking across various platforms, and advertisers face a significant challenge. To solve those problems, Tune suggests providing a "login-worthy" or "download-worthy" service that will provide a deeper profile of prospective customers.

Smartphone? No Thanks: A sizable minority of UK consumers remain indifferent to adopting a smartphone, according to a poll from Future Thinking. The survey found that those eschewing the smartphone just wanted a device that made calls—that's all. Future Thinking also reported that those without a desire for smartphones tended to be over 45.

The Incredible Shrinking Video: (Link in Chinese) Mobile short video is gaining steam in China. iiMedia Research reports that viewers of mobile short-form videos—20 minutes or shorter in length—will total 242 million by the end of the year. That's up nearly 60% from 2016.

So Long, CDs: Streaming surpassed CD sales for the first time in Belgium in 2017's first half. According to GfK data released by the Belgian Entertainment Association, streaming music revenues passed €25 million (about $27.7 million), while CD sales fell to €21 million ($23.2 million). In another first, digital sales—including both streaming and downloads—represented more than half of Belgium's music sales during the period, at 56%.


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