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Data Feed for October 25, 2017

Key stats you need to know about today

October 25, 2017
Email Staves Off Social: Email is far from flashy when it comes to marketing, but it still works. New data from email service SendGrid reinforces that notion, reporting that 74% of consumers polled would rather get a branded communication via email than any other channel. The survey revealed 89% of respondents had used email in the month preceding the poll—more than the 83% who had used some type of social media. The company also projected that Gen Zers would embrace email in the coming years, with use increasing by 83% among the demographic.

Returns Served: Dealing with returned items remains a chore for both online sellers and shoppers. A slight majority (51%) of millennials would prefer to return items bought online to a physical location, finds logistics firm Happy Returns. The firm also reports that nearly three-quarters of online shoppers polled deemed returns their least favorite part of digital buying. And nearly three in 10 said they were somewhat dissuaded from purchasing goods online due to the potential hassle of dealing with a return.

TV Dominates SVOD Viewing: It seems consumers still want to stream content on TVs, rather than newer gadgets. Nielsen reports that 89.5% of time spent by US consumers watching subscription video-on-demand (SVOD) content was on TV sets. Smartphones, tablets and other devices combined accounted for the remaining 10.5% of time spent. Nielsen also revealed that TV consumers in the US watch an average of 13 hours of SVOD content each month.

App Spend Spike: iPhone users in the US are ready to open their wallets even further on the App Store. Sensor Tower projects those users will fork over an average of $88 for apps and in-app purchases by 2020, up 86% from 2016's $47. The company predicts that the majority of spending on apps and in-app purchases will remain in the gaming category.

Telecom Trouble?: Are telecoms losing out when compared with tech companies? Matrixx Software reports that the brands of new-economy players like Amazon are strong enough to pull away mobile subscribers. Matrixx's poll of mobile users in the US and the UK found 73% would prefer their mobile carrier act more like the ecommerce giant. These tech firms are shifting consumer expectations, with almost 40% of respondents in the UK saying they would spend more with carriers if they acted more like firms born in the digital era.

Diwali Goes Digital: The Indian holiday of Diwali is a major retail event in the country, and it seems the festival is going digital. Payments service Paytm reported that it processed more than $1.6 billion in payments during the monthlong shopping period lasting from September 20 to October 20 this year. The company also found that payment growth was seen in pretty much all categories, and that much of the growth in the use of the platform came from smaller tier-2 and tier-3 cities.


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