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Data Feed for August 18, 2017

Key stats you need to know about today

August 18, 2017
I'd Like Fries with that Uber: A recent study by AYTM Market Research about fast-food deliveries revealed that 62% of US internet users would be at least somewhat likely to order fast food for delivery if there was an easy way to do so. Furthermore, those who had used ride-sharing services were slightly more likely to be interested in ordering fast food for delivery.

Prime Effect? UK retail ecommerce sales rose a relatively modest 11% in July—the lowest July growth rate in four years, according to IMRG and Capgemini. But the overall conversion rate among site visitors was 5.8%—a 21% increase vs. July 2016, which IMRG believes reflects the effect of online price discounting by Amazon during this year's Prime Day, both on the retailer's own site and by competing retailers in response.

Obsessively Connected: A new study from Bank of America finds that, not surprisingly, youngsters are very obsessed with technology. Many teens surveyed said they would give up daily must-haves to stay connected to their mobile device. In fact, eight in 10 said they would give up TV and nearly two-thirds said they would give up their gaming systems.

Pencils Down: Walmart, Target and Old Navy are currently recording the highest ad awareness levels among consumers with children under the age of 18, data from YouGov reveals. Indeed, 42% of parents recall seeing ads for Walmart, while 34% and 31% recall seeing Target and Old Navy ads, respectively.


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