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Does Data Analytics Help Deliver Superior Customer Experiences?

Only 9% of respondents said there were no changes at all to customer experience

May 25, 2016

Nearly half of executives worldwide anticipate that data analytics will result in an across-the-board shift in their ability to deliver a superior customer experience within the next two years, February 2016 research found. More than a quarter said it has already done so.

Executives Worldwide Whose Use of Data Analytics Has Noticeably Shifted Their Ability to Deliver a Superior Customer Experience, Currently vs. in 2 Years, Feb 2016 (% of respondents)

Data from Forbes Insights and SAS revealed that 29% of executives worldwide who currently use data analytics have seen a significant shift across the board in their ability to deliver superior customer experiences. More than a third have seen shifts in many areas, and more than a quarter of respondents have seen moderate shifts. That adds up to 90% of respondents who say they’ve noticed at least some change thanks to data analytics.

However, in two years, respondents expect changes to be more noticeable. For example, 42% of respondents said they anticipate their use of data analytics to significantly shift their ability to deliver better customer experiences, while just 17% say they expect the changes will be only moderate. And again, only 9% of respondents expect there to be no changes at all to customer experiences.

Change in 2016 Analytics Budget According to US Marketing Managers (% of respondents)

Data and analytics capabilities have become a top priority for businesses, with many organizations using the tools to help gain a competitive advantage and improve the customer experience.

Separate research from Black Ink ROI looked at the changes in analytics budgets for 2016 among US marketing managers. Some 80% of respondents expected their 2016 budgets to either increase or stay the same, reiterating the discipline’s importance.


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