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DMPs Drive Data-Driven Marketing Success

Standardization, better personalization and actionable data sets among leading DMP benefits

July 29, 2015

As marketers drown in the piles of customer data they’ve collected, they’re turning to marketing technology to make sense and act on the information collected. Data management platforms (DMPs) are one option for doing this.

Extent to Which Select Factors Are Benefits of Using a Data Management Platform (DMP) According to Marketers Worldwide, May 2015 (% of respondents)

Senior marketers polled worldwide in May 2015 Econsultancy in association with Oracle Marketing Cloud reported a wide range of data-related benefits to using DMPs. The majority cited centralized control and standardization of existing first-party data as a major benefit. Just over half said the same about the ability to use existing data for better personalization across several channels. Developing actionable data sets across sources, attribution models for better analysis and better cross-channel marketing effectiveness were also among the leading benefits.

Other research points to benefits related to personalization and targeting as a result of data gleaned from DMPs. In June 2015 research by VB Insight, DMPs ranked as the No. 1 customer database for personalization purposes among marketers worldwide. And according to January 2015 research by Forrester Consulting commissioned by Adroit Digital, 57% of US digital marketers and customer insights professionals said their digital marketing teams leveraged technology like a DMP that allowed them to use driven audience targeting online.

Extent to Which Select Factors Pose a Challenge to Getting Maximum Value from Their Data Management Platform (DMP) According to Marketers Worldwide, May 2015 (% of respondents)

Of course, there’s no shortage of challenges when it comes to DMPs, and Econsultancy found that these were especially related to poor integration of both technology and data, as well as a lack of human resources. More than eight in 10 senior marketers said legacy technology was a challenge to getting maximum value out of DMPs, and a similar percentage said the same about disparate data sets. Poor skills and talent for management and support of the DMP rounded out the top three. Further responses indicated there were organizational challenges to deal with, such as siloed structures and company culture.

Those able to overcome such hurdles and act on insights gleaned from DMPs are seeing results. In April 2015 polling by the Direct Marketing Association and Winterberry Group, 32.5% of US marketing professionals said they depended on DMPs to support data-driven marketing and that they were critical to such initiatives.

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