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Cross-Device Commerce Grows in Australia

Multidevice ownership and mobile commerce are key

May 4, 2017 | Retail & Ecommerce

Cross-device transactions are playing a greater role in Australia’s ecommerce sector, a trend that’s been helped by the growing popularity of mobile commerce in the country and higher-than-average rates of device ownership.

According to Q4 2016 research by Criteo, cross-device transactions represent a growing proportion of ecommerce activity in the country. More than a third of ecommerce transactions on Criteo’s platform in which smartphones were the primary device were made using two or more devices. More than 40% of transactions in which tablets or desktops were the primary device involved multiple devices.

Multidevice Share of Ecommerce Transactions in Australia, by Primary Device, Q4 2016 (% of total)

The growing rate of cross-device ecommerce activity in Australia is supported by research into multidevice ownership among the country’s consumers.

For example, a study from the first half of 2016 by Appier examined multidevice ownership habits in various countries in Asia-Pacific. A higher proportion of users in Australia who possessed multidevices owned four or more, the highest rate in the region.

Yet another likely factor contributing to the prominence of cross-device purchases in Australia is the growing popularity of mobile commerce. While an expanding share of these mobile-based purchases are completed using devices like smartphones, it’s also likely that more consumers are conducting research on mobile devices before completing their transaction elsewhere.

Jeremy Kressmann

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