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Coupons Are a Major Purchase Influencer

While other factors do influence US internet users, none come close to the popularity of coupons and discounts

November 4, 2016 | Retail & Ecommerce

More than 70% of US internet users said their purchase decisions were influenced by coupons and discounts, according to a September 2016 survey from Bazaarvoice and CMO Council. Coupons and discounts influenced far more US internet users than any other factor, according to the survey.

Factors that Influence US Internet Users' Purchase Decisions, Sep 2016 (% of respondents)

No other influence was popular with more than 50% of respondents; the closest, at 40%, were suggestions from friends and family. For many US internet users, then, decisions are instead governed by economic factors.

About one in three said they were influenced by ads. But, at least according to respondents, those ads were likely not on TV.

Least Effective Ad Channels According to US Internet Users, Sep 2016 (% of respondents)

Nearly 30% named TV as the least effective ad channel, almost a solid 10 points above all other responses, which included mobile texts, radio, social networks and mobile display.

But in the end, coupons and discounts really do hold so much importance: A survey of US internet users by mobile wallet loyalty provider Points in June 2016 found that about 50% of respondents desired more relevant coupons and deals from retailers in their mobile wallets.

And a September 2016 survey of US millennial mother internet users by Roth Capital Partners (ROTH) and Research Now reveals that nearly 70% of them searched for or downloaded mobile coupons while on their smartphones and shopping.

According to October research, dollar-off coupons are the most popular type of discount among US internet users.


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