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Coolest iPhone X Feature? It's the Battery, UK Consumers Say

For many, battery concerns trump all others

September 19, 2017 | Mobile

Apple aesthetes and the tech media spent the past few months speculating about what the company’s next smartphones would look like, but UK consumers seem more interested in whether the iPhone X will have enough juice to last a day.

A snap poll by maru/usurv of UK smartphone users ages 18 and older found that the feature more appealing to current iPhone owners queried was increased battery life, mentioned by 70%. That was followed by wireless charging (57%) and fast charging technology (52%).

Appealing Features of iPhone X According to UK iPhone vs. Samsung Galaxy Users, Sep 2017 (% of respondents)

Higher tech or design-lead features—such as a new facial recognition system, an edge-to-edge screen and augmented and virtual reality capabilities—failed to achieve interest from more than 35% of iPhone users surveyed. In the case of AR and VR, only 18% of respondents found them appealing—the lowest percentage of any feature.

More positively for Apple, half of UK iPhone users polled said they wanted to upgrade to the iPhone X, while only 12% said they didn’t. But nearly 40% were unsure. Apple’s marketers may have their work cut out for them trying to upsell users to the iPhone X, due in early November, instead of the less expensive iPhone 8 models that are set to be released later this month.

The study did find that price had deterred more than half (56%) of current iPhone users from purchasing an Apple phone in the past. It’s a safe bet that the iPhone X’s nearly £1,000 ($1,350) price tag is likely to be a consideration for some this time around, too.

Samsung and other makers of Android-powered devices may benefit from potential users put off by iPhone X’s price. Nearly two-thirds of Samsung Galaxy owners who also participated in maru/usurv’s study wanted to buy an iPhone, but were deterred by cost.

Recently, Apple has struggled to maintain sales share, according to Kantar Worldpanel ComTech data. Kantar’s most recent figures, for the three months ended in May 2017, show Apple’s slice of smartphone sales by operating system in Great Britain was 34.7%. At the same time, Android’s reached 63.3%.

However, OS-measured sales are often seasonal and tied to the release schedules of flagship smartphones from manufacturers.

eMarketer expects Apple’s share of UK smartphone users will rise to 40.1% this year, up nearly 3 percentage points from 2016, primarily due to adoption by former Windows Phone and BlackBerry users. Android’s share is expected to rise only incrementally, to 53.9%.

—Cliff Annicelli


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