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Content Marketing in Norway: Full Steam Ahead in 2014

Social networks, company websites help firms make the most of growing content budgets

March 31, 2014 | Advertising & Marketing

Advertisers in many advanced digital markets are jumping on the content bandwagon—and those in Norway are no exception, according January polling by Medialounge in conjunction with TNS Gallup Norway.

The survey presumed that respondents were involved with content marketing to some extent, so the resulting data isn’t representative of the wider business community, according to Medialounge. In the sample group, though, content was certainly gaining a higher profile. Just over half of respondents spent more on digital content production in 2013 than in 2012. Similarly, 53% planned to invest more of their marketing budgets on digital content in 2014 than they did last year. One-quarter (24%) said they’d spend the same amount.

Expected Change* in Digital Content Marketing Budget in 2014 According to Marketing Professionals in Norway (% of total)

Nearly six in 10 respondents said digital content was an important part of their marketing mix. Interestingly, digital content marketing appeared to be most important for firms with fairly small marketing budgets. Overall, this confirms a trend for smaller firms to put more emphasis on digital channels—and social media in particular. The largest companies continued to use mostly traditional channels and tactics; their digital content plans typically focused on digital customer magazines, apps and YouTube videos—which require more resources than Facebook or Twitter, for example.

Digital Channels Used for Content Marketing According to Marketing Professionals in Norway, Jan 2014 (% of respondents)

The same pattern emerged with respect to strategy. Few of the largest companies said they had a clear strategy for content marketing. Firms with relatively small marketing budgets scored best on this measure; 51% had a strategy behind the content they published, compared with 42% of all marketers polled. A further 30% had gone part of the way toward a content strategy and did have an editorial plan to follow.

On the whole, the survey found that firms with less to spend were better at content marketing than those with massive budgets. Smaller firms were using just as many content types and were also more efficient at distributing content via unpaid channels (including social networks) and organic search.

Even so, not many firms of any size had a nominated person responsible for their content marketing. Some 43% said they had no one directly answerable for content, and 40% had someone who also dealt with other types of marketing.

At least the large majority of companies polled (84%) did analyze their content marketing to assess return on investment. Of those that measured the effects of specially created content, 74% believed it yielded a noticeable or significant impact. Just 2% said there was no clear effect.


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