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Content, Immersiveness Key to VR Success in China

Potential users also hope to avoid motion sickness

June 30, 2016

Internet users in China are concerned about some aspects of virtual reality (VR), according to May 2016 research—and, perhaps surprisingly, cost is nowhere near the top of the list.

Important Factors When Purchasing a Virtual Reality (VR) Device According to Internet Users in China, May 2016 (% of respondents)

Seven in 10 internet users surveyed by HTC claim that they would need to be assured that a VR device wouldn’t cause dizziness or motion sickness before making a purchase, a concern shared by more than any other in the survey.

Two-thirds (66%) said it was important to have an abundance of VR content before they would be willing to make a buy, and another 65% say the VR device and experience must be immersive.

Only a minority of 39% said a reasonable price was important to a potential future VR purchase.

China’s rapidly growing middle class has money to spend on VR, and a report by China Youth Daily concludes that internet users in China, whatever their wariness, are certainly interested in VR. Nearly 80% of those surveyed proactively seek out VR or augmented reality products to test drive.

Attitudes Toward Virtual/Augmented Reality Technology Among Internet Users in China, April 2016 (% of respondents)

And data from iResearch Consulting Group reveals that, in China, the VR market is set to boom over the years to come. While there are only around 1 million mobile-enabled VR devices this year, that number will jump by over 2 million, to 3.2 million in 2017.

And while the figures are generally lower for PC-connected and standalone devices—just 75 this year—iResearch estimates that there will be over 1 million of these by 2018.

All of this adds up to mean that internet users in China want to experience VR—as long as the industry makes sure it’s an experience worth having.

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