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Consumers' Age and Interests Shape Social Media Choices in Spain

Preferences vary across Instagram, Facebook and Twitter

March 18, 2016

Every advertiser wants to know where its customers—and potential customers—are spending time online. Social networks in particular are a focus for marketers keen to monitor the current buzz, listen to key target audiences and spread the word about their own products and services.

Favorite Social Media Site/App Among Young Adult Social Media Users in Spain, Oct 2015 (% of respondents)

It’s not always easy to learn which social channels offer most promise in specific cases, though. A recent study in Spain reveals some intriguing trends. Two groups of social media users—ages 18 to 30 and 31 to 60—were surveyed online by The Cocktail Analysis and Arena Media in October 2015.

All respondents followed brands via social media. But the leading types of brands they followed varied widely by site, and in some cases by age. Consumers of all ages who were interested in fashion were more prominent on Instagram and Facebook than on Twitter, for example. Travel also ranked in the top five brand categories followed on Instagram. But travel was more popular among social networkers ages 31 and older than among their younger counterparts.

Leisure and culture brands were the leading category on Facebook—61% of users ages 18 to 30 followed such a brand on the site in October 2015, and 52% of those ages 31 to 60 also did so.

Leading Types of Brands Followed on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter Among Social Media Users in Spain, by Age, Oct 2015 (% of respondents in each group)

Web users interested in media brands played a more dominant role on Twitter. More than half (53%) of younger adults who followed any brand on Twitter followed a media name. Technology was also important on Twitter, with 39% of younger adults and 42% of older ones following a tech brand there.

Perhaps surprisingly, technology was a leading category on Facebook as well, with around a third of all members following at least one brand. In fact, Facebook was arguably the most balanced social site, insofar as the top five brand categories followed by consumers ranged from leisure and culture through fashion, media and food to technology. Twitter registered a similar spectrum of leading categories, though engagement, in terms of follows, was typically lower than on Facebook.

All this data should be put in context, though. Facebook may have a smaller share of users following media brands than Twitter, but the Facebook audience is far bigger. eMarketer estimates that 94.7% of Spain’s social network users will visit Facebook at least monthly in 2016, compared with 36.5% who will use Twitter. Moreover, The Cocktail Analysis and Arena Media found that 27% of social media users ages 18 to 30 in Spain rated Facebook their favorite social site or app. Just 8% cited Twitter as their favorite social destination.

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