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For Connected TV, Interactive Video Ads Outrun Pre-Roll

Still, creating interactive video can be time consuming

May 18, 2016

Interactive video ads outperformed pre-roll on connected TVs in 2015, according to metrics released by Innovid, based on video campaigns served on its platform. Connected TV was a new device addition to the ad serving platform’s yearly analysis, which also tracks smartphones, tablets and desktop.

Connected TV Ad Benchmarks Worldwide: Completion, Engagement and Average View Rates, 2015 (among impressions served by Innovid)

The research also found that completion rates of video ads on connected TV and OTT devices were higher for custom interactive (94.5%), which includes a variety of interactive elements designed to keep the user engaged and active within the video itself, and click-thru interactive (91.5%), which is designed to encourage the user to click through to a new web page independent of the ad, than pre-roll (87.0%). Meanwhile, percentage of ads viewed were higher, as well, particularly for custom interactive compared to pre-roll.

Challenges of Creating and Using Interactive Video* According to Marketers in North America, Oct 2015 (% of respondents)

Though it’s no surprise that interactive video outperformed pre-roll on connected TV—as well as other devices—the format has its challenges. A separate study from Demand Metric and Brightcove found that more than half of marketers in North America said the video type is time consuming to create and that it’s difficult to integrate it with other platforms and systems.

Meanwhile, other obstacles like costs and the amount of staff need to create the videos were said to be less problematic.

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