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Company Mentions on Social Channels Peak on Thursdays

Vast majority of company mentions are neutral messages

June 19, 2014

In today’s socially charged world, a simple tweet, post or pin from a customer could prove detrimental or profitable for a business. Most company mentions, however, aren’t connected to a positive or negative message. They tend to be neutral communications.

Primary Attitude Toward Companies in Online Mentions Worldwide, March 2014 (% of total)

Data released in May 2014 by real-time media monitoring app mention revealed the results of an analysis of more than 1 billion worldwide company mentions collected from early 2012 to March 2014. The research found that 76.6% of company mentions were neutral. Meanwhile, 17.6% of mentions were positive, and just 5.8% were negative.

The overwhelming neutrality of posts is an indicator that people are increasingly relying on social media for customer service. Most of the neutral company mentions were from people seeking assistance and asking questions.

Share of Weekly Online Mentions Worldwide About Companies, by Day of the Week, March 2014 (% of total)

The volume of company mentions fluctuated throughout the week, with Thursday seeing the most interaction from influencers. Some 15.8% of company mentions were sent on Thursday, followed by Tuesday, with 15.7%. Although the weekends saw the least amount of interaction, it doesn’t mean influencers were altogether silent. Approximately 12% of company mentions occurred on Saturday and 11.4% on Sunday.

Top 5 Languages Used in Online Mentions Worldwide About Companies, March 2014 (% of total)

Another important factor for marketers to consider when analyzing their interactions with influencers is language. While the majority of posts—64.4%—were written in English, a significant portion of influencers communicated in French (16.2% of mentions) and Spanish (11.3%).

eMarketer expects the number of social network users worldwide to grow 12.5% this year to hit 1.79 billion, representing 63.4% of internet users and 25.0% of the global population.

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