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In Colombia, Men Account for Significantly More Digital Video Viewing

Aggregated viewing time leans male across most age groups

January 22, 2016

The bulk of online video viewing time in Colombia is down to male viewers, according to 2015 data.

Monthly Time Spent Viewing Online Video Among Online Video Viewers in Colombia, by Demographic, Sep 2015 (millions of minutes)

According to September 2015 data from comScore, men in Colombia account for substantially more time viewing online video each month than their female counterparts.

comScore looked at home- and work-based video viewing on desktop and laptop PCs only, and found that male video viewers had accounted for more time than women watching during September in all age groups except the youngest.

The difference was most dramatic, in percentage terms, for those ages 45 to 54. Male video viewers in that age group watched 82% more minutes of online video in September than women, in aggregate. In terms of absolute time spent, the gap was greatest among 15- to 25-year-olds, where men watched 694 million more minutes of online video than women did—or 60% more.

One possible reason for such large discrepancies would be a larger male digital video viewing audience—if far more men are watching online video at all, the aggregate time they spend doing so will likely be higher. However, 2014 research from TGI Latina found an even split by gender among digital video viewers in Colombia.

Demographics may have changed since 2014, or female video viewers could be spending more of their viewing time with mobile video, or video accessed from other locations not tracked by comScore (such as school).

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