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College Students Still Spend Most Social Time with Facebook

No, Facebook still isn’t dead among young people

September 8, 2015

Have young people given up Facebook? The answer remains no, according to research among college students querying how much time they spend on various social sites. Facebook is still the runaway winner.

Daily Time Spent on Select Social Networks by US College Student Internet Users, May 2015 (% of respondents)

May 2015 polling by Fluent among college students ages 17 to 25 found that the vast majority kept their social media activities limited to less than six hours daily. Just 11% of respondents said they spent six or more hours per day on Facebook—but that was still ahead of the 8% who spent that much time with Instagram (owned by Facebook) and the 3.4% who spent six or more hours daily reading and writing tweets.

Respondents were also significantly more likely to say they spent four to five hours per day with Facebook, at 15.6%. Only Instagram came close, at 10.3%. Facebook was ahead again among students who spent two to three hours daily. The bulk of students polled by Fluent spent less than an hour a day using each of the other social network properties cited.

eMarketer estimates that among millennials—a larger group than those surveyed by Fluent, who had a limited age range and a population of college students only—92.0% of social network users use Facebook in particular. That compares to 58.6% who use Instagram and 35.2% who use Twitter.

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