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For Clothes and Electronics, Shoppers Bypass Retail

Some product categories are better purchased from brands

October 22, 2015

For some product categories, consumers prefer to bypass third-party retailers and buy directly from brands.

Product Categories that US Digital Buyers Prefer to Purchase Directly from the Brand, by Industry, April 2015 (% of respondents)

According to BrandShop, that’s most likely to be true of apparel and electronics purchases. In an April 2015 survey of US digital buyers, more than half of respondents said they preferred to buy clothing directly from brands. Nearly as many said the same of electronics.

These response rates were far ahead of those for household and consumer goods or food products. Among product categories queried, beauty and skincare items were the least likely to push shoppers away from retailers and toward brands.

Overall, 36.6% of US digital buyers surveyed said they bought products directly from brands, vs. 78.4% who shopped at Amazon and 46.6% who bought from online retailers more generally.

That puts brands well behind retailers when it comes to digital purchases, but they appear to be ahead for research purposes. BrandShop found that while Google was the No. 1 digital source for researching products, named as primary by 58.4% of respondents, brand websites performed better than digital retailer sites, at 22.7% vs. 14.9%.


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