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Click and Collect Finding Favor in the UK

Retailers and buyers leaning toward click and collect

February 4, 2014

The UK is a market ripe for the click-and-collect proposition provided by a good many digital sellers, due mainly to its relatively small size and a well-developed logistics and distribution network. These sellers can actively benefit from such a facility, given that it reduces the requirements for larger physical storefronts.

Data supports the idea that UK consumers are becoming increasingly enamored with this type of digital buying, as does research from the seller side of the equation. According to enterprise technology solutions provider MICROS, the number of digital sellers offering a click-and-collect service has risen hugely over the past few years, from 15.0% in 2009 to 43.5% in 2013.

UK Digital Retailers that Offer Click and Collect, 2009-2013 (% of total)

Of course, these sellers wouldn’t offer such a service, nor increase their rate of availability at such pace, were there not any demand for it. June 2013 data from comScore highlighted just how popular this type of buying was in the UK, with 57% of digital buyers having used such a service. Only digital buyers in France were more active users, and marginally so at that.

Digital Buyers in Select Countries in Europe Who Have Used Click-and-Collect Services, June 2013 (% of respondents)

Despite this rapid uptake in both demand and supply, click and collect still only accounts for a relatively small proportion of UK retail ecommerce. As of Q2 2013, its share of total retail ecommerce sales stood at just 16%, according to the Interactive Media in Retail Group and Capgemini.

UK Click-and-Collect* Retail Ecommerce Sales Share, Q2 2012 & Q2 2013 (% of total multichannel ecommerce sales)

However, this represented good growth over Q2 2012, when the proportion stood at just 12%. And with increasing availability of service may come increasing relevance.


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