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Click and Collect Connects with UK Commuters

Click-and-collect services continue to gain ground

July 7, 2014

Click and collect has been rising in popularity in the UK for some time. More consumers have desired such services, so more retailers have begun to offer them. This has led to a particularly advanced market in the UK, especially when compared with the US.

UK & US Internet Users Who Used Click and Collect* over the Holiday Season, 2012 & 2013 (% of total)

Data released in February 2014 by Econsultancy compared the uptake of click-and-collect services among internet users in the US and UK over the Christmas holiday season. While both markets saw growth between 2012 and 2013, respondents in the UK were far more likely to use this service—45% of the country’s internet users said they had used such a service last year, vs. just 20% of US internet users.

And click and collect seems equally popular among men and women. January 2014 polling by YouGov for asked UK internet users about their attitudes toward online shopping—more females (45%) said they’d used click and collect than any other response, and the same was true among males (38%).

Attitudes Toward Online Shopping Among UK Internet Users, by Gender, Jan 2014 (% of respondents)

The success of click and collect has been such that something of an arms race has begun among retailers—the aim being to take the service closer to the customer, making pickup even easier and more convenient. Transport for London has been trialing click-and-collect services at various underground station car parks in London since November 2013 in partnership with grocery retailer Asda. The other main players in this space—Tesco and Sainsbury’s—started offering similar services this year, while Waitrose is also set to join the party.

Perhaps predictably, the biggest digital retailer of them all has gotten in on the act. Amazon, in partnership with new click-and-collect firm Doddle, has been running a pilot scheme at Milton Keynes’ railway station, with further rollout to the South East expected to follow. Click and collect has never been so easy.

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