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Chrome Is the No. 1 Web Browser in Europe

Internet Explorer trails Google's browser in France, Spain

February 6, 2014

Google Chrome remained the dominant browser in Europe in December 2013, according to an analysis of web traffic by AT Internet. After taking the No. 1 spot that July, the browser continued to grab visit share from Internet Explorer (IE), claiming 29.7% of visits in December vs. 23.2% for IE. Over the course of last year, Chrome’s visit share grew nearly 6 percentage points, while IE saw an 8-percentage-point decline.

Though Google’s browser led the market overall, AT Internet noted that Chrome's rank varied across France, Germany, Spain and the UK. For example, Chrome took first place in France and Spain, accounting for 30.0% and 36.0% of site visits, respectively. In both countries, the browser’s share of visits had passed IE’s since December 2012, pushing the latter down to the No. 2 spot.

Web Browser Market Share of Visits in Spain, Dec 2010-Dec 2013

After passing IE in November 2013, Chrome ranked second in the UK, trailing Safari. IE’s visit share dropped 8.3 percentage points year over year, while Chrome’s rose 3.3 points and Safari’s 7.7 points. The biggest difference was seen in Germany, where Chrome took fourth place, trailing Firefox, IE and Safari.

Web Browser Market Share of Visits in Germany, Dec 2012-June 2014 (% of total)

Despite these differences, Europe’s browser market overall appears to be following a global trend. According to StatCounter, Chrome boasted a 42.2% share of the web browser market worldwide in Q3 2013, while second-place IE claimed 26.3%.


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