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Cash Is Still Top Graduation Gift

Apparel and electronics are also popular gifts

June 9, 2016

Cash will once again be the most popular gift given to high school and college graduates this year, according to research from the National Retail Federation (NRF). More than half of US internet users who plan to give at least one graduation gift will give cash.

Gifts that US Internet Users Plan to Give to High School/College Graduates, 2010-2016 (% of respondents)

Greeting cards will also be a popular gift this year. Some 39.4% of graduation gift-givers plan to give a card. This is just a slight decrease from last year, where 41.6% of respondents said they planned to give a greeting card to graduates.

Internet users also plan to give gift cards this year, 31.2% said they would. More respondents also plan to give apparel and electronics as gifts. For example, last year 12.9% of internet users said they planned to give apparel to graduates. This year, 14.1% plan to give clothing as a gift.

Similarly, in 2014, 10.3% of internet users said they planned to give electronics as a gift, and this year, 11% plan to do so.

There are a few differences among demographic groups, though cash still dominates the gift list for most of them. Women are more likely than men to plan to give currency, as are higher-income respondents. Younger respondents, meanwhile, are actually less likely to give money than a greeting card.

On average, internet users who will give graduation gifts will spend $106.45 doing so this year, which works out to $53.73 per recipient.


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