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Canada Takes to Digital Banking Ahead of US

Interest rates are the No. 1 factor when choosing a financial institution

February 20, 2014 | Financial Services

Not all consumers in Canada bank on the web or mobile devices, but they’ve taken up the practices faster than their US counterparts, according to research from Videology.

In December 2013, the video advertising platform found that more than one-quarter of internet users in Canada had used their mobile device for online banking, compared with 19% in the US. Meanwhile, just 20% of respondents in Canada said they didn’t do any banking online, while 27% in the US kept their banking brick-and-mortar.

Mobile Banking Users in North America, by Country, Dec 2013 (% of internet users)

Digital banking choices aren’t the only thing that changes across the border. Internet users in Canada were most likely to say the primary factor that got them to choose a financial institution was interest rates, at 28%, with advertising coming in fourth at 13%. Meanwhile, 18% of US respondents said advertising was their primary decision-making factor, nearly tied with interest rates at 21%. Financial services marketers in Canada will have to do more than serve up compelling creative in those circumstances.


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