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CMOs Are Safeguarding Their Businesses from Market Disruptors

Over one-third said their customers are warming up to new entrants

November 18, 2016

With the endless possibilities that the digital landscape gives marketers by way of agility and innovation, it’s no wonder that perhaps more traditional companies are looking to safeguard themselves more and more. According to March 2016 research, almost all CMOs worldwide believe they’re prioritizing their defense against new competitors, particularly those that are nontraditional entrants to their industry.

CMOs Worldwide Whose Company Prioritizes Defending Itself Against New Competitors*, March 2016 (% of respondents)

During February and March 2016, Accenture surveyed 847 CMOs and 535 CEOs worldwide about the impact of disruptive growth on their businesses.

According to the data, 97% of respondents said they are placing emphasis on safeguarding their business from new competitors that have not traditionally been a part of their industry. The research, though, also revealed a slight divide on just how much of a priority this is for CMOs; while 43% agreed it’s greatly taken into account, another 54% said only to some extent.

The same Accenture survey also took a close look at the sentiments CMOs have toward potential new entrants, or market disruptors. A small plurality of 34% felt that their customers are warming up to services from new entrants. But perhaps more interesting, another 30% said their organization is thinking or already acting as a disruptor themselves in a new industry.

Attitudes Toward New Entrants/Market Disruptors in Their Industry According to CMOs Worldwide, March 2016 (% of respondents)

Disruptions to the digital market can come in a variety of forms. Startups are one good example. In March, about 75% of global business leaders told Vanson Bourne and Dell Technologies they are concerned that startups could pose a threat to their businesses.

Additionally, new products can also have a big impact. According to a separate May survey from Harvey Nash and KPMG, more than a quarter (or 27%) of technology executives worldwide said that new innovative products or services are a primary source of digital disruption. And, another 23% pointed to new forms of customer engagement.

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