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CMO One-to-One: Nestlé Waters North America Doubles Down on Ecommerce

October 19, 2016 | Retail & Ecommerce

Antonio Sciuto
Executive Vice President and CMO
Nestlé Waters North America

A global company with 15 bottled beverage brands, Nestlé Waters North America has undergone a digital transformation over the past few years, recently opening a digital command center in New York City to monitor and analyze digital interactions with its many brands. Antonio Sciuto, executive vice president and CMO of Nestlé Waters North America, spoke with eMarketer’s Maria Minsker about the growth of consumer packaged goods (CPG) ecommerce and the company’s approach to it.

eMarketer: What is Nestlé’s approach to ecommerce?

Antonio Sciuto: There’s a lot of work being done at Nestlé Waters in the ecommerce arena. The effort started years ago, and it involved changing the quality of our content across all of the touchpoints in the consumer journey. For the ecommerce platform, great content no longer means just a product name or a simple image; it means addressing shopping barriers and using content to amplify the way that consumers can enjoy our product.

eMarketer: What do you mean by addressing shopping barriers? How are you addressing them in an ecommerce environment?

Sciuto: If you look at our San Pellegrino fruit beverage, for example, we have a lot of flavors available on Amazon. People ask about where the flavors come from, and what the differences are. Addressing shopping barriers means developing merchandising tools that will describe the right characteristics or the right usage of the product [so consumers know what they’re buying]. That includes mixology ideas, for example, or pairing the right San Pellegrino flavor with the right type of meal.

“I expect that ecommerce will remain the fastest-growing channel over the next two years.”

eMarketer: How do you determine the right mix of products to sell online?

Sciuto: Online, we have the ability to display our entire range of products. That’s why we developed different products in the first place. Based on our consumer understanding, we identified unsatisfied needs that required different products. We want to satisfy the needs of those smaller segments of people that don’t see the products they want displayed on that perfect shelf in a store. Online, the limitation of space is removed.

eMarketer: Do you anticipate that ecommerce will continue to grow in the CPG space?

Sciuto: It’s an amazing time in the US because the amount of time that consumers spend online is accelerating. I expect that ecommerce will remain the fastest-growing channel over the next two years.

eMarketer: What’s driving the growth? Is it demand from consumers, or moves made by big players in the space?

Sciuto: The new dynamic in the marketplace is creating a new sense of urgency to accelerate the readiness of the marketplace online. Companies such as Amazon, and others are working to figure it out. The real change will happen once brick-and-mortar businesses figure out how to leverage their store in order to accelerate different types of aligned commerce, specifically the click-and-collect approach that represents the majority of the online commerce in France and the UK.

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