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Brazil's Web Users Take Top Spot in Latin America for Time Spent Online

Latin America's social networkers lead the world in time spent with social media

August 27, 2014

According to April 2014 research from comScore Media Metrix, Brazil’s internet users are far ahead of the rest of their counterparts in Latin America in the amount of time they spend online each month.

Average Monthly Time Spent Online Among Internet Users in Select Countries in Latin America, April 2014 (hours)

Internet users in Brazil spent 37.7% more monthly time online than the average in Latin America—and they were the only country to beat the regional monthly average. Argentina, with 21.0 hours spent online per month on average, came the closest to the region’s 22.0-hour average.

Internet users in Mexico, by contrast, spent the least time online per month. At just 14.2 hours on average, they were 35.5% below the regional mean time spent online. However, comScore’s figures include only home and work locations, while internet cafes and, to a greater extent, public use of Wi-Fi for mobile phones and PDAs are important sources of internet access in Mexico and other countries in the region.

Average Monthly Time Spent on Social Networks by Social Network Users in Select Regions, by Gender, April 2014 (hours)

While some countries may have been lagging in time spent online, comScore found Latin America ahead of any other region in the world when it came specifically to time spent with social media. Female social networkers in Latin America spent more than 9 hours per month on social, compared with about 8 and a half hours for men. The closest any other group came was women in Europe, at just shy of 9 hours per month. On average, female internet users worldwide used social sites for less than 6 hours per month, while males used them for less than 5.

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