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In Brazil, TV and Internet Are the Preferred Media to Use Together

For traditional media, offline still wins consumer preference in Brazil

November 26, 2013

With close to 50% of it’s population accessing the internet, eMarketer estimates, Brazil has some 100 million people consuming media via digital channels, many across multiple devices. And while television is still the famed king of the living room, it is interesting to see even some TV watching moving online.

Consumers in Brazil Who Prefer to Consume Media Digitally vs. Offline, by Type, Oct 2013 (% of respondents)

October 2013 data from IBOPE and Target Group Index (TGI) showed TV still as the most “traditional” of the media surveyed: 92% of TV viewership in Brazil was exclusively offline, and only 6% did some of their TV-watching on the internet. The numbers were very similar between Brazil and the rest of Latin America, and in both geographies none of the consumers surveyed watched TV exclusively offline.

Radio showed a similar digital potential in Brazil, with 5% of consumers listening to radio both online and offline, and even 1% claiming they listened exclusively to internet radio. Again, online-vs.-offline consumer preferences for radio in Latin American were similar to those in Brazil. Newspaper had the most pull in its digital version with consumers in Brazil, gathering 9% of online-and-offline readership, and 7% of exclusive online reading.

While many media consumers in Brazil seem to resist migrating their usage online, simultaneous use is on the rise. In fact, TV and internet seem to be the two media most prone to simultaneous use. IBOPE and TGI found that 32% of consumers watched TV and accessed the internet at the same time. Interestingly, however, the next most popular two media to pair up were both offline, as 22% of respondents said they watched TV and read the newspaper at the same time. In third, 18% browsed the web while listening to the radio.

Simultaneous Use of Media Among Consumers in Brazil, Oct 2013 (% of respondents)

A May 2013 study by Ericsson seemed to corroborate the affinity between TV and internet in Brazil, and indicated that 59% of broadband internet users use apps or browse the internet to find out more about what is on TV. This ranked Brazil as the country with the third largest share of respondents who used the two media simultaneously, only behind Ireland and China, and ahead of more developed markets such as South Korea and UK.


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