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In Brazil, Sports Help Boost Usage Across the Web

Internet users in Brazil spend online time with news sites and blogs

November 1, 2013

According to data from comScore, 88.4% of internet users in Brazil visited news and information sites in March 2013, ranking it first among BRIC countries, and above the worldwide reach of 76.1% of internet users.

With an average of 60.7 minutes per visitor, internet users in Brazil spent more than twice as much time with online news sites as their Russian counterparts, and still significantly more than those in India and China.

Select Site Categories Visited by Internet Users in BRIC and Worldwide, March 2013 (% reach and average minutes per visitor)

Internet users in Brazil also led in usage of blogs and sports sites by even wider margins, with 83% and 53% penetration, respectively, compared to 49% and 26% for India, 46% and 24% for Russia and 28% and 20% for China. However, the difference in penetration and time spent narrowed significantly when it came to travel and real estate browsing.

In February 2013, Kantar Media Sports and TV Sports Markets surveyed internet users in Brazil specifically on their consumption of sports content online, and found that news sites and blogs were popular destinations for sports fans.

While 84% of Brazil’s online sports audience read sports news sites on their desktops and 39% on their mobile devices, penetration was similarly high for blogs and forums—88% on desktops and 36% via mobile. This is an interesting intersection in which sports content online in Brazil may have helped boost usage for these other website categories, with sports fans tapping into different online sources while seeking varied sports content, be it video or text.

Devices Used to Watch vs. Read Sports Content Online According to Sports Fans in Brazil, Feb 2013 (% of respondents)

The approaching international sports events—the 2014 FIFA World Cup and the 2016 Summer Olympics—mean that consumption of sports content online should continue to drive increased traffic to news sites and blogs. But as the games approach and sports fans the world over start planning their trips, travel websites may be the ones to see a more significant boost in usage.


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