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In Brazil, Calling, Texting, Emailing Top Daily Mobile Phone Activities

Basic communications are critical to smartphone users

September 8, 2016

Mobile phone owners ages 16 to 64 still tend to use their phones more straightforward communication more than surfing the web or engaging with social media. Nearly 80% of those surveyed by S4M (Solutions for Mobile), Tapestry and Pointlogic in February 2016 said they emailed, called and texted daily via their phone.

Daily Mobile Content Activities of Mobile Phone Owners* in Brazil, Feb 2016 (% of respondents)

While it’s tempting to suggest that this must correlate to a high amount of simple feature phones, the report claims that 90% of those surveyed were in fact smartphone owners—which means they have access to the technology to, say, listen to music or search for information.

And to some extent, they do: Nearly 70% said they used their mobile phones to read the news, and over 60% said they used their device to look at social media profiles on a daily basis.

But with eight in 10 emailing, calling and texting daily, it’s clear that for many, simple communication is the most important feature offered by a smartphone.

Average Daily Time Spent Using Select Messaging Apps Among Android Smartphone Users in Brazil, Q1 2016 (mins:secs)

And text message they do: A June 2016 report by SimilarWeb claims that, on average, Android smartphone users in Brazil spends an hour of their day using WhatsApp, and more than half an hour on Kakao and Kik.

And with the possibilities, of course, of using more than one app to message, it’s no wonder that so many mobile phone users in Brazil say they message daily.

eMarketer estimates that there will be a total of 133.5 million mobile phone users in Brazil in 2016.

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